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We have been raising alpacas full time since 1997 and have acquired many highly respected Peruvian, Bolivian and Chilean bloodlines. Our breeding foundation stock has been built upon outstanding genetics including Accoyo, Hemingway, Quechua, Bueno and many more spectacular top line names. Our success in the show ring is testament to the quality of our breeding program.


We have produced show winners and champions in all color classes from whites and lights to blacks and greys. With over 100 alpacas to select from including all colors we are sure to have that special alpaca waiting for you.


The following sale listings do not include all of our alpacas. If you are looking for something specific and don't see it in our listings, please let us know and we will attempt to find exactly what you're looking for either from the Ring Ranch collection of alpacas or from another reputable farm within our network of alpaca breeders.


Custom designed packages are available upon request to accommodate all budgets.


Our alpacas offered for sale include full Ring Ranch guarantees ensuring health and reproductive soundness.


Delivery can be arranged anywhere including export to foreign countries.


Fibre or Pet alpacas are available at most times. These boys and girls may not meet our strict breeding quality specifications or may perhaps be duplicate bloodlines for us. Our prices for pets and fibre alpacas start at $200 with attractive package prices for two or more. Finding the best permanent homes for our gals and guys where they will be well cared for is our main priority.




"Buying Tips For New Breeders"



Selecting your first alpacas or adding new breeding stock to compliment your herd can be fun and exciting! It is important however to do your homework and prepare yourself with as much research as you possibly can.



The best advice we can offer is to Visit a number of Farms.



Not all alpaca breeders are honest and will tell you anything to make a sale. There are breeders in this industry that neglect and mistreat their animals, they offer poor feed, limited care and unsanitary living conditions. This should be the first sign of warning when you visit a farm.


  • are the alpacas friendly, well kept and come up to visit or do they run off when you approach them.
  • is there good shelter from the elements, good safe fencing and a clean adequate water supply.
  • make sure the living conditions are clean. (no poop piles piled up)
  • do the animals appear to be in good health and do they have good overall body condition.
  • watch for overgrown nails, patches of bare skin indicating mites, infections and skin conditions.
  • ask about the farm's vaccination, worming and nail trimming schedule.
  • ask about halter training techniques. Some breeders tie their alpacas to a fence post and leave them flailing around and struggling until they break their spirit. This technique is inexcusable and irresponsible.
  • registration status. Are the alpacas single registered or double registered.
  • ask for reference lists.
  • ask about show records. Lots of breeders will claim their alpacas are the best in the country but have never been to a show. Attending and competing in shows is the only way to prove the quality of your alpacas, your herdsires and your breeding program.
  • ask the length of time and experience in the business.
  • does the breeder offer farm guarantees including health and reproduction. What kind of after sale support is offered?

We have been raising alpacas since 1997 and have seen enormous changes in the industry. Today's alpacas have improved dramatically over the past 15 years and you will easily see the difference in quality between your visits to various farms. Breeders who have kept up with improving their breeding program through selective breeding and purchasing new genetics have set themselves apart from the rest. These breeders have made significant investments in their business and operate successful, clean and well managed breeding farms. These are the breeders you should search out to ensure that you get off to a good start in this industry.


You will undoubtedly hear that each breeder you visit has the best alpacas and that you should buy from them. A lot of these breeders don't attend shows, they don't invest in new genetics to improve the quality of their breeding program and they don't participate in or support industry events. Usually, these are also the breeders that don't last long in the business. Who you purchase your alpacas from is perhaps the most important decision you will make. Breeders who have served the industry and supported the industry for many years are likely the breeders who will be there when you need them. Reputable breeders have earned respect from their fellow breeders and certainly from their customers. These breeders will not hesitate to offer references, farm guarantees, after sale service and assistance in selecting quality alpacas even from competitive breeders in the industry.

Beware of pushy sales tactics and trust your gut feeling instinct!


Hope this info helps and please give us a call if you have any questions at all about the alpaca industry or any concerns you may have about alpacas.


Good luck with your search for the perfect alpaca for you! 


Deryl and Bernie Ring


We will continue adding to our 2011 Sales List. Over 75 females and males will be available for sale. Please contact us if there is a specific alpaca you are looking for. Our prices will start at $200 for fibre/pet alpacas. Additional photos and fiber samples are available on request.


All our alpacas are double registered and fully guaranteed!




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